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'Cause I'm a tough cookie

“902 days ago, the seven guys who love music and stage more than any others, brought forth a new group, Block B, dedicated to the proposition of dreaming of the Blockbuster in the K-pop world. Our sweat and effort were acknowledged slowly, our name started being known little by little. But the life flows to the unintended way, so our name once became known with unsavory news. We had been through this aching and eventful time with you. We met at Hwajung Stadium, where lots of musicians have been applauded and cheered. We have come to dedicate the stage, for those who lived their lives, under the name BBC, for Block B. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But in a larger sense, Block B cannot make this stage more fascinated and captivating. BBC in this place, who are concerned about how much we appear when we’re broadcasted. Who give us the biggest applause and cheers more than any others when we’re on stage. BBC who are still on our side, and the most reliable even when we make mistakes and who have been following, cheering, and coming to see us, have changed this stage far above our power to add. The world maybe little, or not long remember what we said here, but it can never forget the love of BBC. So we, Block B, will be dedicated to singing and performing. What you’ve been waiting for, what lights darkly screened heart, what melted us warm, and what became the eternal flame are your long wait and consistent love which we promise, we will never leave in vain. We promise, Block B, under God, will be the group more renewned, and that group of the BBC, by the BBC, for the BBC, shall not perish from earth.”

Block B ‘Very Good’ Showcase Introduction

you never know about me and my lifepass me by, still im a total stranger.
140826 4 Things Show - Who is Zico? (Zico on himself)
Zico: What I gain is honor, money, love, and satisfaction. In return, what I lose is my time with my family, friends, relaxation, and myself, which I find I'm losing slowly day by day. I'm not sure if I'm slowly becoming Zico myself or living my life along with Zico. I have more moments of looking in the camera than I do at myself in the mirror. I often have an existential crisis on if the person on camera is really me or if the person off-camera is the real me.

✱ Why is he always so sleepy?!


telling someone “it could be worse” when they’re already upset does not help so stop

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